Have you considered making investments for growth, but don't feel that your company is quite ready for them? Our comprehensive project management services will help you scale efficiently so you can face new opportunities with confidence.  


Never let the size or volume of jobs deter you from taking them on. TCG empowers you to demonstrate the talents and expertise that brought you the offer in the first place. We manage certain strategic elements of a project that you may not specialize in, bring in the right Construction Manager or Project Manager, and determine exactly which services you should keep in house. The payoff? Less headache for you, and better results for your clients. 


Running a construction firm takes poise, dedication, experience and know-how. Yet often, the most important skill can be understanding when you need help, and who can provide that help. At TCG, we specialize in working alongside owners and executives to develop plans that incorporate appropriate technologies and current, proven, strategies to ensure the success of their projects. Our experience in the field, as well as the project office, allows us to deliver customized, effective consultation to you and your team.

Process Management

You can't form a great strategy without sound analysis. There are countless tools, technologies, roadmaps and best practices out there, but how do you know which are right for you, and which will end up wasting time and resources? Our experience and knowledge allows us to accurately analyze your project to determine the best plan of action. Our goal is to minimize mistakes, surprises and costs, while maximizing impact, efficiency and profit.