Our Mission


Our Mission

At TCG we strive to improve our client’s overall experience while engaging in a new construction project. Our goal is to change the “USUAL” way construction projects are managed and improve the process through our comprehensive project management services. We put a heavy focus on process and documentation while managing our client’s projects which we achieve through incorporating our cloud based project management software to help boost overall project efficiencies which also includes automated reporting capabilities to ensure all parties are well informed every step of the way throughout the duration of their project.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

At TCG we pride ourselves on a philosophy centered on collaboration, creativity and respect. We foster an internal environment where everyone is valued for their knowledge, experiences, and efforts. We empower our team members to be creative and make “out of the box” suggestions and we respect all points of view. This philosophy transfers to our clients as we encourage you to participate in the process and be vested in the solution. This philosophy is one of the factors that differentiate us from our competitors.


Our Process

Our Process

TCG utilizes our three phase “Identify, Strategize, Execute” approach when engaging with our clients.

Identify – during this discovery phase we will conduct an assessment to determine: 

  • Growth goals 
  • Current challenges 
  • Current processes 
  • Recommended solutions 

Strategize – during this collaboration phase we partner with you and your stakeholders to craft: 

  • Short and Long Term Goals 
  • Project Plan including solutions, services, timeframe, and budget 
  • Metrics to measure targets and ensure progress 
  • Launch strategy including tools and resources 

Execute – during this launch phase TCG will: 

  • Deliver and execute initiatives 
  • Manage all vendor relationships, resources, and any challenges (related to TCG’s project) 
  • Measure and Track progress 
  • Provide customized, detailed reports to clients 

Our Team

Our Team

TCG’s highly experienced team of project management and construction management professionals have extensive experience in multiple markets including: residential & commercial construction, property management, construction management, as well as working alongside GC’s, Trades, and Real Estate Developers to help bridge the gap in construction management overall.  Along with our heavy focus on training & development, our 90 day customer focused on-boarding plan ensures you are provided with the highest level of talent and management to achieve success.


Vincent Edward C. 

Managing Partner

Vincent has many years of management experience working in the real estate planning and construction industries throughout the Tri-State Area. He has worked with real estate developers, non-profits, institutional organizations, and well as many design build projects. Managing projects ranging from mid rise commercial, large scale development, residential and MDU new build / restoration projects, tenant fit outs, as well as many more. 

As a client’s Project Executive, Mr. Edward organizes and oversees the appropriate project team based on each client’s individual project requirements, ensures that each team member has full understanding of the client’s needs, and interacts with the client to ensure satisfaction with team as well as the progress of their project.

Mr. Edward possesses a broad knowledge of real estate development, planning and construction industry best practices, as well as proficiency in communications and client relations. At TCG, he makes sure that all project managers have the resources they need to be successful and ensure happy clients at the end of every project.

Our passion is moving you forward. There is nothing more satisfying than a customer who gains market share through their partnership with TCG.” ~ Vincent Edward C.” 


Michael Roy Hampton

Director of Architecture & Design

Michael brings a strong and diverse architecture and construction background to TCG with his Service Architect Style.

Michael originally was trained in drafting and sales by a General Contractor and his Tradesmen. Thriving from Drexel University’s architecture co-op program, MRH has worked for leading Philadelphia firms Kling Lindquist, Vitetta Group, Dever Architects, Kitchen & Associates, and Martin Architectural Group. He has served as Project Manager for Acme food stores renovations, held position as an Architectural-Education Planner for The School District of Philadelphia (the new Samuel Fels HS, GAMP renovation), and Designer on projects for the Philadelphia Housing Authority.

Maximum attention to detail and a proactive efficient stance on completing projects have been essential for my success in delivering the results from the design to the projects completion. This has allowed me to also build lasting relationships with Developers, General Contractors, and Home Owners.” -MRH




Sandra Venziale

Director of Project Management & Client Relations


Sandra Venziale has over 15 years’ experience in the Construction, Management and Customer Service Industry.  She brings a strong and diverse background in both the Commercial and Residential Field of Project Management to the TCG team.  Sandra’s skill set allows her the ability to serve as both Director of Project Management and Director of Client Relations. 

As Director of Project Management, Sandra oversees all project teams both in the field and in-house, ensuring that each team member has the resources they need to complete the tasks to the client’s full satisfaction. 

As Director of Client Relations, Sandra interacts with each client to ensure their needs are being met, and that they have a full understanding of the project as a whole.  She will work with and train individuals and companies on why and how to use the technology partners that TCG utilizes. She also works on building professional relationships and the TCG pipeline of resources for our clients, so that they may have the absolute best in industry standards through our partnerships.

Sandra’s education is in the Environmental Engineering field and she is currently continuing that education with a specialization in Land Development. Sandra believes there is no limit to what you can learn and apply to make yourself and your clients successful.

“My success comes from my client’s success.  My goal is to establish the relationship, strategize with you, and provide you with the resources needed to get the job done right. It’s not just about getting one project done on time and on budget.  It’s about helping my clients thrive in this fast paced industry.  Having my clients to focus on what they need to focus on and allowing me to handle the rest.”  ~ Sandra Venziale 













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